Glowing, healthy skin is my goal but most importantly; skin care made simplified. 
Most of our products are handmade in Ghana, West Africa from the rawest ingredients found from the earth and are 100% plant based. Organic skincare products work better and is better for you. Eliminating the use of synthetics and chemicals in my products was very important in our creating process.

I believe our bodies should be important to us so the products we lay onto it must be rich in vitamins, pure in ingredients and pleasant to smell -  SkinByAme products are all of that in one. 

​This purity results in a product that will be suitable for all skin types, of all races and of all genders. The natural resources of Africa, in this case its natural nuts and seeds, has been produced into our butters and soaps. Join the Skin By Ame movement and invest in your skin. Let's spread love through skin, one body at a time. 
Love, Christina "Ame" Manna Nimely
- CEO/Founder of SkinByAme