Is Your Skincare Routine Missing A Lip Scrub?

By: Fola Onifade
Typically, we think of dry, chapped lips as a winter issue to be dealt with in the frigid months of the year. But, things have been different in 2020, and there’s a new potential irritant that may be causing your lips to dry out: face masks. Taking care of your lips is an overlooked part of our skin routines, but finding a good lip scrub will keep your puckers healthy and moist all year round, face mask or not.

What's a Lip Scrub and Why Do You Need It?

The absolute best way to prevent chapped lips is to hydrate and exfoliate. First, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. And after you’ve checked that box, throw our Shea + Sugar Lip Polish into your cart before you check out so you can say goodbye to flaky skin and chapped lips forever!
But what’s a lip scrub anyway? Lip scrubs are a combination of emollients and exfoliants that together, moisturize and smooth out the skin on your lips. An emollient is a hydrating base that’s usually made from plant seed butters. Think shea butter or jojoba oil. Emollients check that hydration box we talked about, making your lips moist and supple.
Exfoliants wipe away dead skin and come in either a physical or chemical form. In lip scrubs, sugar is the most popular exfoliant because it is granular enough to remove dead skin particles, but gentle enough to be used on the body.
This product right here is a keeper. I use it this morning and my lips are extremely smooth, soft, and feel great. - Vanessa R.

Lipstick Lover or Not, Chapped Lips Are a No-No

Whether you’re a lipstick lover or a girl who just likes to throw some lip balm on and call it a day, you need to exfoliate! Even if you’ve never bought a tube of lipstick ever, dry and chapped lips cause the skin on your lips to flake and peel, making it difficult for your lip balm to penetrate your skin. Use an exfoliator to give your lips the best chance of absorbing as much moisture as possible.
Lipstick lovers, throw our Shea + Sugar Polish in your cart too! A popping red lip over some balm is not enough to smooth over dry skin or mask flakes. If you want to get the most out of your favorite lipstick colors, incorporate a lip scrub into your skincare routine. When skin flakes disappear and your lips are smooth, your lipstick will shine to its full potential. You can say goodbye to gaps in your lip color and stained teeth!
I love this lip polish. I use it in the shower after washing my face. So because of having to wear a face mask all the time and everywhere, this helps keep my lips moisturized. - Kiki C

Love Your Lips & They'll Love You Back

Our lips put up with a lot. Everyday, they’re exposed to our breath and our saliva, which contains an enzyme that breaks down skin. They also weather the beaming sun, cold temperatures, heat and wind. To have your lips looking and feeling their best, exfoliate them once a week, but be gentle! You don’t want to over exfoliate, and you’ll know if you do because your lips will feel raw and sensitive.
What are you waiting for? We see you picking at your lips over there. Stop that. Rub some goodness on your lips and watch them love you back!

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